Race Car Development

Aero Racing Morgan Challenge

Class A

Philip Goddard - Morgan +8

Philip Goddard's Morgan +8 competes in Class A of the Aero Racing Morgan Challenge, with various Class wins. He finished the 2018 season with winning the race outright at Snetterton and as the 2018 Class A champion.

Roger Whiteside - Morgan +8

This + 8 has been converted by ourselves in 2010/2011 and has been competing very successfully in Class A of the AR Morgan Challenge. Roger Whiteside is the 2017 and 2018 Class A runner up.

Class B

John Emberson - Morgan +4 Babydoll

John Emberson with his Morgan +4 Babydoll, competing inthe AR Morgan Challenge.

Jonathan Edwards - Morgan +8

After winning Class C in 2010, Jonathan achieved 3rd place in his first season in class B in 2011 with his Morgan +8.

Class C

Steven McDonald - Morgan +8

Steven enjoyed much success in the 2010 Race Challenge, competing closely with Jonathan Edwards throughout 2010 and finishing 2nd overall in Class C. In more recent years Steven also achieved 3rd overall in Class C in 2015 and 2nd overall in Class C in 2016.

Leigh Sebba - Morgan +8

This car was purchased new in 1977 and has continued racing history since. Now fitted with a Rover 3.9 injection V8, Leigh and his daughter Tamsin take it in turn to compete in Class C of the AR Morgan Race Challenge.

Simon Sherry - Morgan +8

2018 was Simon's 2nd year competing in the AR Morgan Challenge in his Techniques prepared Morgan +8, achieving 3rd overall in Class C .

Sharlie Goddard - Morgan +8

Sharlie has been competing successfully in Class C with various Class wins over the years. She was Championship Runner Up and Class C Champion in 2012, Championship Runner Up and 2nd in Class C in 2013 and 3rd in Class C in 2014.

Paul Burry - Morgan +8

Chris Springall - Morgan +8

Chris competing in Class C of the AR Morgan Challenge, achieving 2nd overall in Class C in 2018.

Clive Glass - Morgan +8

Brian Gateson - Morgan +8

Class D

Class R

Paul Bryan - Morgan 4/4

Paul Bryan has been competing with his Morgan 4/4 in Class D of the Aero Racing Morgan Challenge for several years and achieved 2nd in Class for 3 consecutive times since 2015.

Paul Bryan also competes with this Morgan 4/4 in the Techniques sponsored MSCC Sprint Series (SpeedMog).

Peter Cole - Roadster Lightweight

Peter Cole competes with his Roadster Lightweight in Class R of the Aero Racing Morgan Challenge and achieved 3rd in Class in 2016 and 2017 and 2nd in Class in 2018.

Kelvin Laidlaw - Morgan Roadster

Class E

Class G

Michelle Bailey - Morgan +4

Chris Bailey - Morgan 4/4

Simon Baines - Morgan Roadster

Class H

Sharlie Goddard - Moss box +8

Techniques prepared this Moss Box +8 in 2017 to HSCC spec ready for Sharlie to compete in Class H of the 2018 AR Morgan Challenge.

Philip Goddard - Moss Box +8

Kelvin Laidlaw - Morgan +8

Historic Racing

Leigh Sebba - Morgan 4-4 Series 1, 1939 Le Mans Race Car

This car famously competed at Le Mans in 1938 and 1939. Techniques completely rebuilt the car in 2009/2010 and it raced again at Le Mans in 2010. The car has been competing in every Le Mans Classic since and also in various other events, including the Donington Historic Festival and Silverstone Classic.

Simon King - Morgan 4-4 Series 1, Le Mans replica

In 2014 Techniques transformed Simon King's Morgan Series 1 from 'Basket case' wreck into a replica of the Morgan 4-4 Series 1 that raced at Le Mans in 1938. The car was finished in time to compete at the 2014 Le Mans Classic together with the original Morgan Series 1 that Techniques rebuilt in 2009/2010 for Leigh Sebba.

Philip and Sharlie Goddard - Morgan 4-4 Le Mans Recreation

In 2001/2002 Techniques recreated the unique 1939 Morgan 4-4 Le Mans car to enable the previous owner John Clarke to compete at the prestigious Le Mans Classic 2002. The car has since competed in races all over Europe and was back at the Le Mans Classic in 2004 and more recently in 2018 with current owners Sharlie and Philip Goddard.

Adrian van der Kroft - Morgan 4-4 Series 1

Simon King - Morgan +4 Supersports

Simon competes with his Morgan +4 Supersports at various historic race events, including Silverstone Classic and Le Mans Classic.

John Emberson - Morgan +4 Supersports

John Emberson with his ex Jim Tucker Morgan +4 'RU'. This Morgan has been competing for quite a few years now at various historic race events in the UK and Europe, including Donington Historic, Dijon, Silverstone Classic, Spa and Le Mans Classic.

Murray Smith - Morgan +4 Supersports

Murray Smith with his Morgan +4 Supersports at the Goodwood Revival.

Adrian van der Kroft - Morgan +4

XOV 555 is an historic +4 dating from 1959. It has a continuous racing and rallying history from new and continues to surprise many exotic sports cars from the '60s. This car competes at the highest level of historic motor sport having appeared at Goodwood, Bahrain GP circuit and race tracks across Europe, including six Le Mans Classics.

Leigh Sebba - Morgan +4

This car has been converted by Techniques to flat radiator style as per the original factory specification. The car has competed at Le Mans Classic in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Peter Cole - Morgan +4

Adrian van der Kroft Moss box +8

Built and developed by Techniques back in 2007, this historic Morgan +8 can be seen racing at circuits throughout Europe, including Zandvoort, Zolder and Spa.

Philip and Sharlie Goddard - HSCC Moss box +8

This Morgan Moss Gearbox +8 was converted by Techniques to compete in Historic Racing events.

Adrian van der Kroft GTR +8

This very special Factory built GT Morgan is competing again in Historic Racing at various events throughout Europe.

Sharlie Goddard - 1969 Moss Box +8

This Techniques prepared Moss Box +8 competed in the 2019 Modena Cento Ore in Italy. Sharlie Goddard and her co-driver Suzie Harvey finished the 5-day rally, which involved many hours of racing and speed trials and achieved the top stand on the podium within the ladies' competition section.

Sharlie Goddard - 1959 Morgan +4

Sprint and Hill Climbs

MSCC Techniques Speed Championship (SpeedMog)

Paul Bryan - Morgan +4 Supersports

Chris and Michelle Bailey - Morgan 4-4

Simon Baines - Morgan Roadster Lightweight

David and Tanya Everett - Morgan +8