Morgan Power Upgrades

The various engines fitted to Morgans can all be made to release more power without compromising reliability.

We have considerable experience of increasing the power output of all the Ford and Rover engined cars, be it for fast road or track use. Gains can be achieved from simple changes to the ECU for improved management of engine combustion or we can suggest more radical solutions involving internal engine modifications and cylinder head work.

Please call with any queries on 01462 835500.

Morgan Power Upgrades

Air Filters

A quality air filter is the simplest and easiest way to improve the engine breathing and performance. We recommend K&N performance air filters and can supply and fit these to most Morgan Models.

Please enquire for more details for your particular model.

Morgan Power Upgrades

Omex throttle body and ECU upgrades

We are able to provide a number of throttle bodies and ECU upgrades for the latest Ford engined Morgans. Omex can offer the upgrades in two stages. Stage one, the ECU is replaced with their own upgraded version, which can be re mapped, you can then follow on with stage two by fitting their throttle body kit that they have specifically designed to be able to still fit under the Morgan bonnet, very neat!

Should these kits be of interest to you please telephone for further information. 01462 835500

Morgan Power Upgrades

Rolling Road

When modifications are made to an engine, recalibration of fuel and ignition will be necessary

The easiest way to measure how much better an engine is performing after adjustments have been made is to run the vehicle on a Rolling Road. Techniques has access to a rolling road with a very highly recommended operator.

Working closely with this company allows us to spend time adjusting and fine tuning the engine; to be sure we have optimised the engines capabilities. We can carry out anything from a simple power run to a full on rolling road tuning session, trying different settings and re-maps to achieve the ultimate set up and performance.

Should you wish to be sure that your Morgan is performing to its best, please call for further details.