Restoration Work

All Morgans are hand built and tailored to individual needs.

Techniques has won many plaudits for its varied rebuilds and restorations which can be tailored to your needs, be it a simple chassis change or a more comprehensive rebuild. We can include specification upgrades if required or a total 'nut and bolt' rebuild to your Morgan's original specification.

Chassis replacements are frequently carried out at Techniques, either because they have been damaged during an accident or simply corroded away. We can replace your Morgan chassis, using either a galvanised or black powder coated chassis frame, incorporating modifications which will improve the handling of your Morgan.

Below are just a few of the Morgans we have either restored or rebuilt.

Morgan 4-4 Series 1 Le Mans Replica


In 2014 Techniques transformed Simon King's Morgan Series 1 from 'Basket case' wreck into a replica of the Morgan 4-4 Series 1 that raced at Le Mans in 1938. We finished the car in time to compete at the 2014 Le…

1939 Morgan 4-4 Le Mans Race Car


We never thought that we would see the actual car that raced at Le Mans in 1939 (following on from our painstaking 4-4 Le Mans Recreation) - but resting in a barn in the USA was FXD 280, the long…

1969 Morgan +8 Moss Box


Early Moss box +8s are becoming increasingly desirable, in particular for historic racing. This +8 came to us in drivable condition but once stripped down the true extent of its hard life became evident. We started with a new chassis,…

Morgan +4+


This gorgeous +4+ came to us from an enthusiastic customer. The car had not moved for many years and at some point in its history had the misfortune to have been rolled onto its roof. We were entrusted to overhaul…

Morgan +4 SuperSports


This very rare car is one of 7 known genuine Morgan +4 SuperSports in the UK . It has been campaigned by our customer in the Morgan Motor Company Challenge Race series and other historic events since 1995. Following an…

Morgan 4/4 4-Seater


We were delighted to help our customer ready this much loved Morgan for a new life in the USA. Having collected the car from its years of hibernation in a lock up garage, we were asked to bring the car…

Morgan +8


This 1982 Morgan +8 had received no major work in its 20 odd year history and is perhaps typical for an untouched car of this vintage. We were able to repair the body frame, fit new wings and paint the…

Morgan 4-4 Le Mans Recreation


This was not for the faint hearted. Our brief was to recreate the unique 1939 Morgan 4-4 Le Mans car to enable our customer to compete at the prestigious Le Mans Classic. Our starting point? A 1938 Morgan 4-4 delivered…

Roadster Lightweight Rebuild


This Roadster Lightweight was completely rebuilt by Techniques from the chassis up. It was formerly raced in Class R of the Morgan Challenge. However, fitted with larger brakes and other performance enhancements, the car was ready to compete in Class…