Steering & Suspension Upgrades & Setup

Want to improve the comfort and handling of your traditional Morgan?

Common modifications are the installation of adjustable shock absorbers, different spring rates, panhard rods and chassis strengthening where appropriate. We can also adjust the front steering & suspension geometry (castor and camber) of your Morgan for better and more precise cornering speed.

For overall improved comfort to your traditional Morgan, we recommend the fitting of the SSL suspension system (formally known as Suplex). This system offers far superior comfort to the original leaf spring set up, with reduced body roll providing better 'turn in'.

Your Morgan steering will feel more responsive and with the new coil springs and dampers, will massively improve the driver and passenger comfort, removing the harshness that is often felt through the car.

If replacing the suspension to your Morgan is a step too far, we can recommend a number of damper units that will help.

Maybe you feel that the steering is becoming too heavy, in which case we can convert your steering to rack and pinion, replacing the old steering box system.

Please call for further details 01462 835500

SSL Suspension Upgrades

SSL Morgan RS Front Suspension

Morgan RS front suspension with progressive spring rate and tuned adjustable Spax dampers, that will improve the handling of your Morgan.

Will fit all traditional Morgans from 1952 to present day.

SSL Morgan 5L Rear Suspension with progressive spring rate

Completely replaces the leaf springs with a bolt on system and no welding.

Suitable for all early narrow model Morgans and later wide body 4/4s, Plus 4s, 3.0 & 3.7 litre Roadsters and traditional Plus 8s.

For improved comfort, reduced body roll and adjustable ride height, this rear suspension system will transform the feel of your Morgan.

Front and rear SSL kits supplied and fitted, please call us for further information on 01462 83500

Morgan SSL Suspension Race Pack

Front and rear Race Proven SSL Suspension Systems for competition use, that will improve the handling of your Morgan. Suitable for AR Morgan Challenge, Speed Championship and Historic Racing.

These race systems can be fitted & set-up by Techniques or we can simply supply the parts.

Please call for further details 01462 835500.

image courtesy of Tripos Media