Morgans can be fitted with a range of factory and aftermarket parts and accessories.

We can make driving your Morgan an even more pleasurable experience and keep a range of products to improve your car, from door check straps to interior mirrors. Some examples of or our range available are shown below.

We will be adding a parts shop very soon, but for now just call or email us to discuss your requirements.


Aero Racing Products

Aero Racing have a vast range of products available, from wire wheel spinners to Moto-Lita steering wheels, performance exhausts to racing seats. We can supply and fit all Aero Racing products from the Morgan factory.



Librands is a quality brand specialising in performance and styling products for the Morgan. We supply their sports exhaust systems for the Morgan +8, +4 and 4/4 - proven to release more power. We can also supply their range of luggage racks for 2 and 4 seater cars.

For the 4/4 Zetec cars, the short, sports gear shift modification transforms the long throw of the standard gearbox and makes for a more sporty and precise gear change.

Alloy Rimmed Turrino Wire Wheels

If you are looking for something extra special for your Morgan to make it stand out from the rest, why not upgrade to a set of Alloy rimmed Turrino wire wheels.

These strong lightweight wheels, exclusively supplied by Techniques, are available in a variety of specifications for that unique look, including polished rims, coloured spokes and brass coated nipples.

Suitable for road and competition use.


Wing and Scuttle Mounted Mirrors

Another popular refinement is fitting round 'telescopic' mirrors. Finished in polished stainless steel, they are infinitely adjustable and give a more classic look.

We also carry a range of scuttle mounted mirrors, please call for details.


Stainless Door Check Straps

Fabricated in polished stainless steel, and easily installed, it replaces the leather strap.

They prevent the door from opening too wide and conveniently hold the door open automatically.

They come with full fitting instructions.


Car Covers

We have been pleasantly surprised by the demand for these car covers. They can be used either indoors or outdoors and are made from a breathable fabric.

They are all 'fleece' lined preventing scratches to your Morgan's paint.


For the Cockpit

The dashboard of the Morgan can be further enhanced with this range of products for the cockpit. We can supply and fit walnut dashboards, chrome bezels for your existing instruments and the Moto Lita range of steering wheels.

And to really finish off the cockpit, why not replace the early, plain, threshold plates with engraved Morgan ones.


Weather Equipment

It's a common Morgan myth that Morgan owners never put their hoods up. Those that use their cars daily, know how snug a Morgan is with hood and side screens in place.

To help fix the hood in place, we can supply and fit Hood Frame Adjusters - a welcome invention for those cold wintry mornings.

Morgan Grille and Mesh Grille

Grilles and Bonnets

Fitting a mesh grille behind the trade mark waterfall grille not only looks great but helps protect the radiator from stone damage. The grilles are made from the finest stainless steel.

To complete the look, we can supply badge bars and clips.

Leather bonnet straps and fixings also have a dual purpose. They secure the bonnet from accidental opening at speed and give the car that authentic vintage look.