Air Conditioning

Often when you most need your air conditioning you find that it doesn't work.

Air conditioning should be used regularly, the idea of this is to keep the system charged keeping the seals in the system lubricated and to stop bacteria build up. The horrible musty/eggy smell when you turn your air conditioning on, is usually caused by bacteria build up and the easiest way to reduce this is to make sure that you use it.

We often hear people explain that they have had their air conditioning re-gassed, that it was perfect for two weeks and now it is empty again. This is often caused by a very small leak. These leaks can be difficult to identify, so coloured dye is added to the system and then when a leak occurs it can be found using an ultra violet light. Leaks can be due to split pipes, or a damaged condenser, or simply a faulty seal. These are all items that we can either repair or supply and install new. Your system is then re gassed and will be fully operational again.

Please call or book in with us on 01462 835500, to be sure you have a fully gassed air conditioning system.