The MSCC Techniques Speed Championship

The MSCC Techniques Speed Championship

Techniques continues to be the main sponsor of the Morgan Speed Championship, which is organised by the Morgan Sports Car Club (MSCC) in accordance with the rules of the RAC Motor Sports Association.

The speed championship is a mixture of sprints and hill climbs and consists of a number of rounds (typically 15 - 20) spread across the country. The speed championship caters for all Morgans in all states of tune, split into 12 classes, giving each car an equal opportunity to win. Your best score from 6 rounds (minimum 3 to qualify) counts towards the championship.

If you are thinking of sprinting your Morgan, you may be surprised to find that very little work is necessary to comply with the regulations to enable you to compete. The fitting of roll over bar, a timing strut and identifying the ignition key is all that is required! Race suit, helmet and gloves, apply for your licence and you're off!

The SpeedMog Website has all the rules and regulations, information on the drivers, links to the venues and the results of the Speed Championship. More information and images can be found on the SpeedMog facebook page.

There is a list of the SpeedMog events on our Race Calendar and below you can download our leaflet with a list of work that will improve safety and performance, but most of these are not compulsory.

Below is a video from 2013, which gives a good impression of an actual event.