New Morgan Car Sales

Morgan Threewheeler

Introducing the latest Morgan 3 Wheeler. Morgan's most exciting model, the 3 Wheeler is designed to bring the fun and passion back into personal transport.

Originally produced between 1909 and the 1950's, the iconic design of the Morgan Three Wheeler has been updated with 21st Century technology. The powertrain is a 1983cc 'V-twin' fuel injected engine coupled to a Mazda 5 speed (and reverse) gearbox.

Celebrating a milestone...

... 2019 marks 110 years of the Morgan Motor Company. Now the longest established, privately owned car company in the world. Morgan is proudly British and remains under the ownership of the Morgan family.

Celebrating 110 years of driving pleasure, Morgan's most exciting model now encompasses a range of no cost '110th Anniversary' options that are supplied at no extra cost.

S&S V-Twin
A thundering V-Twin S&S motorcycle engine produces 82 BHP and is used to power the lightweight 3 Wheeler. Unforgettable looks and sound establish the engine as the centrepiece of the vehicle. A 5-speed manual gearbox and a normal pedal configuration make driving the 3 Wheeler an easy and rewarding experience, allowing drivers to extract the full performance from the 2 litre engine.

New Paint Options
Allow Morgan's most exhilarating model to spark your imagination and choose a paint colour from our newly introduced ranges. Chosen by Morgan's Design Team, each colour has been selected to provide a varied choice, culminating some of their favourite colours through 110 years of production. The Morgan Sport Range, the Morgan Classic Range and the Morgan Metallic Range of paints offer each owner the ability to fully personalise their new Morgan.

Quilted Leather Stitching
The Morgan 3 Wheeler's cockpit is compact yet tactile. Your senses are ignited by the varied sounds, smells and textures. Quilted stitch leather seats enhance the look and feel of the 3 Wheeler's seats.

Start Button
Lift the safety catch of the 'bomb release' starter button, hear the massive twin cylinders roar and choose your favourite destination. Each journey in a 3 Wheeler is an unforgettable adventure.

Car Creator
You can personalise your Morgan 4/4 to your individual taste and there are a lot of choices. Please visit the Morgan Motor Company's virtual car creator and have a look at all the options.

Technical Specification

Homologation EU3 (UK**, USA and RoW)

  • Engine - S&S 1979cc V twin
  • Gearbox Mazda 5 Speed
  • Max Power (@5250rpm) - 82 bhp @ 5250rpm
  • Max Torque (@3250rpm) - 140Nm @ 3250rpm
  • Performance - 0-62 6 seconds
  • Top Speed - 115mph (185 kph)
  • Combined MPG - 30.3 mpg (9.3 l/100km)
  • Combined Co2 - 215 g/km
  • Dry weight 525kg

Homologation EU4 (UK and Europe)

  • Engine - S&S 1979cc V twin
  • Gearbox Mazda 5 Speed
  • Max Power (@5250rpm) - 68bhp @ 5200rpm
  • Max Torque (@3250rpm) - 129Nm @ 2500rpm
  • Performance - 0-62 7 seconds
  • Top Speed - 115mph (185 kph)
  • Combined MPG - 34.9 mpg (8.1 l/100km)
  • Combined Co2 - 187 g/km
  • Dry weight 525kg

110 Anniversary no cost options for 3 Wheeler include:

  • 110 Anniversary Bonnet Badges
  • Any colour from the Morgan Sport or Classic Range
  • Body Coloured Engine Cowl
  • Mohair Tonneau
  • Black Roll Hoops
  • Black Exhaust Heat Shields
  • Quilted Leather Stitching
  • Leather Storage Pockets
  • Centre Split Leather Seats